Grow Your Own Economy

Our mission

Money is the tool for collaboration.​

Now anyone can create a currency, so we can do better, together. 

Rethink money, we are there for you to fulfill it. 


1.7 Billion people are unbanked

With seedbed you can be your own bank

This is how it works:


Create a currency

With a click of a button create a currency, and with existing templates design an economy that fits your values. 

Save and loan

Allow people to save together and take loans from the group to encourage local entrepreneurship.

Values driven economy

Give the community the power to decied on it's monetary policy to easily fit its values and needs

Credit across the globe

Now people from accros the globe can add money to your bank, So your community will enjoy low interest, and the people will enjoy the profits. 

"Money is a tool that should be serving us, rather than being our master. and since it is a man-made construct. it can be re-thought, re-imagined, and redesigned."

Bernard Lietaer



All community currencies are easily convertible with one another.


The currencies are backed by a reserve made to keep its value stable.


Every transactions is fully transparent on the Blockchain.


Communities determine the monetary policy for and by themselves.


Seedbed is actively seeking collaborators to launch the next phase of our pilots in both emerging and developed markets

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